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FW: Good reading/research on PDF text extraction

Richard Braman
I noticed that nutch seems to have some problems parsing pdfs.
060226 131210 fetch okay, but can't parse
http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1828.pdf, reason: failed(2,203):
Content-Type not text/html: application/pdf
I am actually working on PDF parsing technology, and have posted the
following message to 2 Open source pdf projects (PDFBox and iText).  If
there is interested from nutch developers on what responses I have
received , and how a collaborative solution may be reached, let me know.
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Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 10:36 AM
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Subject: Good reading/research on PDF text extraction

In 2003, Tamir Hassan wrote a OS program  <http://www.tamirhassan.com/>
http://www.tamirhassan.com/ to extract text out of PDF tables and
columns and put it into HTML as a part of a University research product.
His algorthims were actually quite sophisticated and well documented in

The results were actually quite impressive, as he managed to deal with
columns, etc using what he referred to Intelligent text extraction
algorithm which uses positions to preserve text flow.  He used Jpedal as
his underlying PDF library.

Unfortunately his program was written with an old version of Jpedal and
does not run with the new Jpedal.  This is due to the fact that the
PDFGenericGrouping class he used was changed to PDFGroupingAlgorithms
and moved to non-GPL Jpedal.  The new class also changed some of the old
classes' members from public to private, and deleted some members, which
would make rewriting his app nessesary.

Fast forward to 2005, Christian Leinberger, a colleague of Tamirs,
writes a paper entitled Ideas for extracting data from an unstructured
_from_unstructured_documents.pdf.  Christian indicated that he is using
the open source  BSD PDFBox as his library for experiementing with
algortihms that can be used to extract text reliabily out of
unstructured PDFs.  

I have contacted these guys and hopefully they will be willing to share
their developments with the PDF community.

As more and more content gets "pushed" into PDF it looses its meaning to
anyone else other than a human reader or a printer.  Machines do not
have the ability to read and parse it reliably in a generic context, and
it requires sophisticated AI algortihms based on ontologies, or  other
big words, to get it out.  If your lucky, you can hack through it and
get what you need. Something to think about the next time you push
content into a PDF, or even HTML.  PDF is a great way to present content
for priting, but it  !@#$ , pardon my french, as a primary mechanism for
presenting data that may need to be used by a machine somewhere

Getting it out has turned into big business for companies who have
developed technology to get into the PDF and get important data out of
it and into another format, usually XML.  This is a growing space and I
hope that there are some more developers interested in solving the
problem created by PDF crazy folks who have managed to shove valuable
data into PDF while failing to maintain that same data in another more
usable format (e.g. XML ,  or at least tagged PDF ).  It is best that
this is done in an open format, because the value of such technolgy is
very high, it is complicated to produce, and very useful to the general

Richard Braman
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RE: FW: Good reading/research on PDF text extraction

Richard Braman
What developments have been done so far to enable nutch to parse PDFs?
Have you read through Tamir's Whitepaper?
PS. Here are some comments from Ben Litchfiled, developer of open source
PDF Box (java), followed by some comments from Tamir, who wrote the PDF
extraction algorithm :

Are you saying you want to head this type of project up and are looking
for help or are you requesting this functionality be added to existing

I have worked on a couple different 'custom' text extraction projects
using PDFBox and need to organize those changes before I can commit them
to the PDFBox project. Right now they are very specific/custom so I need
to extract the generic parts out and make them part of the core PDFBox.
Just need to find the time to do it.

Certainly if Christian Leinberger has made some progress I would be
willing to work with him to add some features to the PDFBox core.

I agree that this is important functionality and requires more than just
simple text extraction but advanced AI concepts.


My response:

I am requesting this functionality be added to existing projects. I am
saying I am available to code, discuss, document, test, support, or
otherwise do whatever else I can do to get some good technology in the
public domain in this area.

>Certainly if Christian Leinberger has made some progress I would be

>willing to work with him to add some features to the PDFBox core.

Hopefully they will get back to us all. I would like to see the results.

I would also like to ask Ben, et al if PDFBox supports reading of
"tagged" PDF, and if so in what classes?




-Original Message-----

From: Tamir Hassan [ <mailto:[hidden email]>
mailto:[hidden email]]

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2006 5:44 AM

To: [hidden email]

Subject: Re: Do you still answer this email


Dear Richard,

Thanks for your email.

My current situation is that I am working for a project that has a

commercial partner, who provides part of the funding. This is on the

understanding that my code and developments will eventually be

integrated with their existing commercial, non-open-source software.

So, because of this, it is not up to me to decide whether I can share

some of my developments with the rest of the PDFBox community and with a

compatible licence. I did speak to one of my supervisors today, and he

did not rule out the possibility, but this would also have to be OK'd

with several higher members of my department.

I do believe that sharing some of my progress with the community could

be mutually beneficial. Therefore, I will make a proposal to the people

in charge of the project, and I will let you know of the outcome. This

might, however take some time.

I will keep you updated.

Best regards,



Richard Braman wrote:

> I read your final report, as well as Christians report on converting

> PDF to XML. I am actullay quite interested in these developments, and

> would be to contribute time to any projects you guys are undertaking.

> I am working on a parallel effort to convert government documents into

> structured XML. I am very interested in the technology, and you guys

> seem to have created some sophisticated contact extraction algorithms

> to deal with columns, tables, ect.


> Have a look at the attached PDF. It contains coumns, and text full of

> valuable information , formatted in a very unstrucutred way. I tried

> to run it through your code, but the file is comressed using Flate,

> and the old jpedal couldn't understand the comression used. I tried

> running your code on new Jpedal, and the interfaces and classes have

> changed around greatly. He in fact moved the GenericGrouping class

> into his non GPL enterprise lib, and changed the name of the class, as

> well as the return types. He also changed some off the class members

> from public to private, and deleted others. All in all your code

> would have to be entirely rewritten to use with current Jpedal which

> is a shame.


> Anyways, it seems like you are focusing on PDF Box, which has a better

> license, and developers committed to OS, instead of what Jpedal does

> now, which is keep only some stuff in GPL, everything that is seeminly

> useful is now in the enterprise library. Are you able to share your

> developments?