Falling back on SlowFuzzyQuery

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Falling back on SlowFuzzyQuery

Brian Panulla
I'm working on upgrading our Solr 3 applications to Solr 4. The last piece
of the puzzle involves the change in how fuzzy matching works in the new
version. I'll have to rework how a key feature of our application is
implemented to get the same behavior with the new FuzzyQuery as I did in
the old version. I'd love to be able to get the rest of the system upgraded
first and deal with that separately.

I found a previous discussion pointing towards using SlowFuzzyQuery from
the sandbox package:


Can someone provide a tip to how one might re-introduce SlowFuzzyQuery?
After a brief search of the configuration options it doesn't appear to be
an obvious direct swap of the class. Would I need to implement a custom
Query Parser, Query Handler, or is this something that can be accomplished
through configuration?