Falling back to SlowFuzzyQuery

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Falling back to SlowFuzzyQuery

Brian Panulla
I'm working on upgrading our Solr 3 applications to Solr 4. The last piece
of the puzzle involves the change in how fuzzy matching works in the new
version. I have to rework how a key feature of our application is
implemented to get the same behavior with the new FuzzyQuery as it has in
the old version. I'm hoping get the rest of the system upgraded first and
deal with that separately.

I found a previous discussion indicating that SlowFuzzyQuery from the
sandbox package is the older fuzzy matching implementation:


How does one re-introduce SlowFuzzyQuery to a Solr service? It wasn't
obvious from the standard configuration that you could directly swap the

Do I need to implement a custom Query Parser or Query Handler? Or is this
something that can be accomplished through configuration?