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FieldCache problems

Marcus Falck


I'm going to index a lot of data in lucene. I have just written a
functional prototype.


One requirement for the application I'm designing the prototype for are
the ability to present the search results ordered by date and since the
data is very frequently changed I can't have the IndexReader (for the
searcher) open for more than 5 minutes.


I'm hoping that I don't will have to redo the ranking functionality for
this so I started by trying to sort the results using the document dates
tick representation.


The prototype is currently working on a relatively small index ( around
8 GB ) and I'm already having performance problems.

If I query the index without sort the response times are around 100 ms
if I add a sort to the query the response time are around 12 seconds
(even for small resultsets).


I can't figure out what's taking so long? Doesn't the retrieval of field
cache only occur at the first sorted search as long as I maintain the
same IndexReader (could this be a bug in the Lucene.Net port??) ?