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Fuzzy search 'sometimes' not working

David Frese
Hello list,

I currently observed a very strange behaviour of fuzzy searches with
Solr Cloud 5.5.0.

I have two identical documents in 2 different collections. Something
like {name: "Tomas"}. I find the document in the first collection with a
search like name:Thomass~2. But I don't find it in the second one!

I triple checked everything (I find them both with name:Tomas, I find
them both with name:Thomas~1, the solrconfig and schemas are identical),
but I just don't see any reasonable explanation for it.

Could it be that the functionality of fuzzy searching depends on the
data of other documents in the collection; like a limit of how many
"Thomas"'s there could be? Or on the amount of memory available? Could
some race condition during indexing have removed the "Thomass" variant
in one case? Anything non-deterministic? Any bug in that direction fixed
since 5.5.0?

Thanks a lot for any ideas,

David Frese
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