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Jukka Zitting

The Apache PDFBox release is finally available! I'll update the Tika
dependency as soon as the release hits Maven central.


Jukka Zitting

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Andreas Lehmkühler <[hidden email]>
Date: 2009/9/23
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache PDFBox 0.8.0-incubating released
To: [hidden email], [hidden email]

The Apache PDFBox community is pleased to announce the first release of
Apache PDFBox version 0.8.0-incubating. The release is available for
download at:


See the full release notes below for details about this release.

Release Notes -- Apache PDFBox -- Version 0.8.0-incubating


Apache PDFBox is an open source Java library for working with PDF

This 0.8.0-incubating release is the first PDFBox release made at the
Apache Software Foundation. The most notable change since the previous
release (0.7.3) is the renaming of all Java packages from org.pdfbox to
org.apache.pdfbox. If you've used PDFBox before, you need to update all
your client code to use the renamed PDFBox packages.

The -incubating label included in the version number reflects the
status of the project. See the disclaimer below for more about incubation.

See the Apache PDFBox website at http://incubator.apache.org/pdfbox/ for
more information.

Release Contents

This release consists of a source archive
You can build the release with Apache Ant like this:

   jar xf pdfbox-0.8.0-incubating-src.jar
   cd pdfbox-0.8.0-incubating

The source archive is accompanied by SHA1 and MD5 checksums and a PGP
signature that you can use to verify the authenticity of your download.
The public key used for the PGP signature can be found at



   * [PDFBOX-51] - PDFToImage fails to render correctly
   * [PDFBOX-93] - Error in FlateFilter?
   * [PDFBOX-94] - Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
   * [PDFBOX-107] - viewer crashed
   * [PDFBOX-110] - bad font data with TrueTypeFont
   * [PDFBOX-141] - PDF to image conversion can lead to mostly black area
   * [PDFBOX-148] - Error getting pdf version (NumberFormatException)
   * [PDFBOX-152] - Merge Landscape and Portrait PDFs does not keep
   * [PDFBOX-162] - font spacing
   * [PDFBOX-173] - Some suggested COSString improvements
   * [PDFBOX-178] - splitting some words randomnly
   * [PDFBOX-183] - java.lang.NullPointerException in
   * [PDFBOX-187] - Error in parsing CMap file
   * [PDFBOX-211] - Regression: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
PDFBox 0.7.3
   * [PDFBOX-221] - NPE on convertToImage
   * [PDFBOX-223] - CurrentColor in PageDrawer Doesn't Restore Properly
   * [PDFBOX-224] - Printing Rectangles on rotated pages
   * [PDFBOX-227] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:4
   * [PDFBOX-234] - spaces lost
   * [PDFBOX-249] - Imbricated XObjects with the same name
   * [PDFBOX-250] - Table borders not printing correctly
   * [PDFBOX-286] - PDF document renders incorrectly
   * [PDFBOX-290] - java.lang.NoSuchMethodError in fontbox
   * [PDFBOX-292] - Text Extraction strips 1 char when extracting a
twin pair
   * [PDFBOX-296] - Extreme memory usage while extracting text from one
   * [PDFBOX-313] - OutOfMemoryError for larger PDF text extraction
   * [PDFBOX-318] - Error getting pdf version
   * [PDFBOX-321] - PDF printing or conversion : lines are too thick -
   * [PDFBOX-324] - One rectangle missing when converting PDF to image
   * [PDFBOX-330] - Watermarks aren't correctly showed
   * [PDFBOX-335] - Version incompatibility with Lucene?
   * [PDFBOX-343] - java.lang.ClassCastException:
org.pdfbox.cos.COSArray cannot
   * [PDFBOX-348] - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
   * [PDFBOX-349] - Spaces between words ignored in scanned pdf files
   * [PDFBOX-361] - NullPointerException in PDPageNode.getAllKids
   * [PDFBOX-364] - Latest trunk uses Java 5 autoboxing
   * [PDFBOX-373] - (null) printed when characters cannot be decoded
during text extraction
   * [PDFBOX-374] - text areas not properly being sorted because of
page rotation
   * [PDFBOX-377] - Incorrect direction of extracted Arabic Text
   * [PDFBOX-379] - PDType1Font uses the Java 5 constant Font.TYPE1
   * [PDFBOX-385] - ClassCastException when call parseCOSArray in
   * [PDFBOX-390] - org.pdfbox.filter.ASCIIHexFilter does not skip
   * [PDFBOX-393] - Maven files in jempbox do not work in Eclipse.
   * [PDFBOX-395] - NPE on public key encryption of an unencrypted
   * [PDFBOX-396] - Incorrect permissions after decryption
   * [PDFBOX-401] - setStrokingColorSpace and setNonStrokingColorSpace
in PDPageContentStream doesn't work correct
   * [PDFBOX-404] - ClassCastException in COSDictionaryMap
   * [PDFBOX-407] - PDLineDashPattern missing call to super.clone()
   * [PDFBOX-409] - Small hashcode issue, The code invokes hashCode on
an array.
   * [PDFBOX-415] - Errors when decomposing Arabic Ligatures
   * [PDFBOX-418] - PDFStreamParser reads incorrect number (patch
   * [PDFBOX-421] - Unit tests are failing
   * [PDFBOX-425] - Silent print ignores passed PrintJob
   * [PDFBOX-426] - Class StrokePath has the wrong superclass
   * [PDFBOX-428] - Error Printing: dash lengths all zero
   * [PDFBOX-436] - PDFontFactory.createFont returns null if the given
parameter fontCache is null
   * [PDFBOX-438] - FlateFilter: endless loop because of missing length
check (for encrypted pdfs)
   * [PDFBOX-442] - race condition in PdfFont
   * [PDFBOX-446] - A empty page produces a NPE
   * [PDFBOX-450] - PDFTextStripper CAN NOT extract correct font
information for some early produced PDF documents
   * [PDFBOX-452] - [patch] maven build errors in current trunk
   * [PDFBOX-453] - FlateFilter decode() throwing OutOfMemoryError
   * [PDFBOX-454] - IOException upon opening a PDF
   * [PDFBOX-455] - java.lang.ClassCastException:
org.pdfbox.cos.COSString cannot be cast to org.pdfbox.cos.COSName
   * [PDFBOX-456] - PDFTextStripperByArea never finds any text (pageNo
check in PDFTextStripper always returns false)
   * [PDFBOX-458] - Wrong implementation of COSArray.getInt()
   * [PDFBOX-459] - Trailer Dictionary object labeled "Size" is
overwritten when there are 2 xref table objects
   * [PDFBOX-466] - error parsing files generated by crystal reports
   * [PDFBOX-468] - index out of bounds exception
   * [PDFBOX-470] - corrupt zip stream causes document to not parse
   * [PDFBOX-471] - invalid dictionary crashes parser
   * [PDFBOX-473] - attempt to push back when content read
   * [PDFBOX-474] - invalid xref entry causes parser to fail
   * [PDFBOX-477] - extra spaces added to rotated text
   * [PDFBOX-478] - PDFToImage don't render text in iText generated PDF
   * [PDFBOX-482] - DeviceCMYK support in PDColorSpaceFactory
   * [PDFBOX-483] - rendering issues during clipping (W/W*-operator)
   * [PDFBOX-485] - Fonts not printed on HP laserjet (1320 & 8150) when
having landscape orientation
   * [PDFBOX-487] - Font size not rendered with the needed precision
   * [PDFBOX-496] - PDDocument.load hangs when loading zero-length file
   * [PDFBOX-498] - some pdf-files have no newline after endobj, pdfbox
fails on that
   * [PDFBOX-503] - PDF loader causes infinite loop on non-PDF inputs
   * [PDFBOX-511] - JVM crash in PDColorSpaceInstance.createColor()
   * [PDFBOX-512] - org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.PDDocument.getPageMap()
always returns null
   * [PDFBOX-518] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PDInlinedImage.java
   * [PDFBOX-523] - IndexOutOfBoundsException in
   * [PDFBOX-528] - Inlined images with a ColorSpace in the resource
dictionary don't work
   * [PDFBOX-529] - Inline images can be drawn in the wrong place


   * [PDFBOX-302] - Improve font handling (was: layout print problem)
   * [PDFBOX-319] - Implementation of PDDeviceCMYK.createColorModel()
   * [PDFBOX-358] - Vertical text extraction splitting text
   * [PDFBOX-363] - Fixed Page rotation
   * [PDFBOX-365] - Updating Lucene version (was: Error in
LucenPDFDocument class)
   * [PDFBOX-368] - Use the Maven standard directory layout
   * [PDFBOX-376] - Remove the js.jar file
   * [PDFBOX-380] - Limited support for SC and SCN operator
   * [PDFBOX-381] - Remove direct JAI dependency
   * [PDFBOX-387] - new Maven pom.xml files for pdfbox, fontbox, and
   * [PDFBOX-389] - Support for b*, B*, d, i, j and J operator
   * [PDFBOX-405] - Not a bug, but definately incorrect code in
   * [PDFBOX-437] - Prepare JempBox and FontBox for release
   * [PDFBOX-460] - [PATCH] Improvements for bitmap production
(resolution and color depth)
   * [PDFBOX-461] - Disable javadoc creation timestamp
   * [PDFBOX-472] - use commons logging
   * [PDFBOX-507] - [PATCH] Option to disable close warning in
finalizer of COSDocument.
   * [PDFBOX-517] - PD Fonts do not attempt to load from the
environment if an embed font cannot be loaded
   * [PDFBOX-524] - Drop LoggingObject
   * [PDFBOX-530] - Forward test logs to a log file

New Feature

   * [PDFBOX-98] - Print PDF
   * [PDFBOX-264] - colorspace as an array entry
   * [PDFBOX-272] - Identify text rotation angle in TextPosition
   * [PDFBOX-338] - pdf page extraction
   * [PDFBOX-493] - Ability to get page number for bookmarks


Apache PDFBox is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software
Foundation (ASF), sponsored by the Apache Incubator PMC. Incubation is
required of all newly accepted projects until a further review indicates
that the infrastructure, communications, and decision making process have
stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF projects. While
incubation status is not necessarily a reflection of the completeness or
stability of the code, it does indicate that the project has yet to be
endorsed by the ASF.

See http://incubator.apache.org/projects/pdfbox.html for the current
incubation status of the Apache PDFBox project.

About The Apache Software Foundation

Established in 1999, The Apache Software Foundation provides
legal, and financial support for more than 100 freely-available,
collaboratively-developed Open Source projects. The pragmatic Apache
enables individual and commercial users to easily deploy Apache software;
the Foundation's intellectual property framework limits the legal exposure
of its 2,500+ contributors.

For more information, visit http://www.apache.org/