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Fwd: How to index in real time?

scott green
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From: Scott Green <[hidden email]>
Date: Jan 17, 2007 11:15 AM
Subject: How to index in real time?
To: [hidden email]

Hi list,

Firstly, i don't know whether nutch-dev mail list is suitable for this
topic or not. If I post in the wrong place, pls tell me where should I
ask this question. Thanks.

The question is how to index resource in real time in lucene/nutch? This
question is raised from GMail. I don't know what exactly behind GMail,
but it should be built on GFS. When I get one email or send one email
out,  push the "Search Mail" immediately and it always get it. I'll
appreciate if someone will to explain how GMail works.

And any advice to hack Lucene/Nutch/Hadoop to archive this? Thanks

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