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Fwd: Submit, suspend and resume a mapreduce job execution


I know that it is not possible to suspend and resume mapreduce job, but I really need to find a workaround. I have looked to the ChainedJobs and to the CapacityScheduler, but I am really clueless on what to do.

The main goal was to suspend a job when the map tasks finish and the reduce tasks start. I know that this is not possible, so I have created to jobs. One that execute all the map tasks (Job 1), and another job that execute all the reduce tasks (Job 2). Since I can't start a job with just running reduce tasks, it was necessary to add an identity mapper before running the reducers. So in the end, I have Job 1 that just executes all map tasks, and job 2 that executes the identity mappers and the reduce tasks. But this really kills performance. I wish I could find a way to obtain better performance. I have thought in doing pipe of the output of Job 1 to Job 2, but in the end I really need to stop the execution between these 2 jobs.

I have looked to the ChainedJobs and CapacityScheduler classes to see if I could implement a way to suspend and resume a job, but I didn't do nothing successfully. Any idea to emulate a way to suspend a job?

Sorry to say this, but I am really desperate in finding a solution.


On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 6:53 PM, Steve Loughran <[hidden email]> wrote:
Afraid not.

When we suspend/resume a slider application, what we are doing is shutting down the entire application, releasing all its YARN resources and killing the "Application Master". TheĀ  MapReduce engine runs its AM for the duration of the job; building up lots of state in that AM as to what is happening. Tez runs for longer, but it can dynamically change cluster size based on load.

"Hadoop pre-emption" is a mechanism by which your cluster can be set up so that higher priority workloads can cause containers of lower-priority jobs to get killed, "pre-empted". Maybe that could be useful.


On 18 February 2015 at 17:22:57, xeonmailinglist ([hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>) wrote:


I noticed that YARN does not suspend or resume a mapreduce job that it
is executing. Then, I have found Apache Slider.
Is it possible to submit a mapreduce job with slider, and suspend and
resume the job while executing?