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Diego Manilla Suárez
Hi! I'm trying to group the search results, just like when Google shows
sub-results within the same domain than the main result. In my case, I
need to index contents and their attached files. The ideal behaviour
would be that, if there is a match in one of the associated files, the
main result would be the content that file is attached to, and below it,
the link to the file. If there are matches in several documents attached
to the same content and/or the content itself, they all would have to be
shown under their parent content.

Example: the content "MyContent" has 3 pdf's attached to it. The user
queries Lucene and there are matches in MyContent and 2 of its attached
files. The result would be:

- "My Content title"
       - link to file 1
       - link to file 3
       (file 2 didn't have any matches)
- Subsequent matches...

Now, I don't know what's the best way to implement this using Lucene. I
suppose that some kind of post-processing is needed, so I would
appreciate any tips about how to minimize the overhead.

Thanks in advance.

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