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Hadoop get together @ Berlin

Isabel Drost

I am happy to announce the first German Hadoop Meetup in Berlin. We will meet
at 5 p.m. MESZ next Tuesday (24th of June) at the newthinking store in Berlin

newthinking store GmbH
Tucholskystr. 48
10117 Berlin

Please see also: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/807782/

A big Thanks to the newthinking store for providing a room in the center of
Berlin for us.

There will be drinks provided by newthinking. You can order pizza if you like.
There are quite a few good restaurants nearby, so we can go there after the
official part.

Talks scheduled so far:

Stefan Groschupf will talk about Hadoop in action in one of his customer
projects. Of course there will be time to ask him questions on his new
project katta.

Isabel Drost will talk about the new project Mahout.

There will be a few more slots for talks of about 20 minutes with another 10
minutes for discussion. There will be a beamer so feel free to bring some
slides. In case you are interested, please contact me by mail. Please also
contact me by mail if you intend to visit the Meetup if you plan to attend.

Feel free to resend this mail to any communities interested in the meeting.


PS: In case this mail reaches the list, I am sorry for the double posting, I
did not see my first mail arrive and realized only thereafter that I had used
the wrong From: :(

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