Haystack is Back! Not just one - but three search conferences

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Haystack is Back! Not just one - but three search conferences

Charlie Hull-3
Hi all,

So there's no Haystack in Charlottesville this year - but we've done our
very best to bring you some of the talks and training we planned online
- find out more at

One part of this is three conferences, Berlin Buzzwords, Haystack and
MICES, have come together for a week of online talks, workshops, panels
and discussions. There's lots of great search related content including
Uwe Schindler on Lucene 9, Doug Turnbull & Trey Grainger on AI-Powered
Search, Tim Allison of NASA on genetic algorithms, a panel on result
diversity, a workshop on the opensource ecommerce search ecosystem...do
check it out at www.berlinbuzzwords.de . I'm running a Lightning Talks
session too (let me know if you've got a talk).




Charlie Hull
OpenSource Connections, previously Flax

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