Hey Hey, remember that fantastic Gradle build?

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Hey Hey, remember that fantastic Gradle build?

Mark Miller-3
Okay, to catch up anyone missing an email or two, I got a bit side tracked on trying to complete the Gradle build with trying to do some Solr test improvement work.

The short version of that offshoot is that I’ve done a lot of work to address major core test issues in separate efforts - the starburst branch, a few weeks last fall, and now very recently. Now that the Gradle branch gets me a fast good dev env for deep work (all 3rd party src and javadoc hooked up, slow IDE stuff configured away, faster iteration), I had an opportunity to kind of pull and gell a lot of the previous work and could not resist taking it.

And so my target of Sept 31st for an initial Gradle build merge has slipped. I’d like to get my test work out of the Gradle branch and merged first (it’s actually not in the pushed Gradle branch, just a local one).

I am away for the second half of November and then the Holidays hit, so I’d like to land most of this stuff in October to first half of November. That’s a goal, not a promise, but FYI.

- Mark