How should we use out Solr Confluence space?

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How should we use out Solr Confluence space?

Jan Høydahl / Cominvent
Back in the days Solr used to have a Moin Wiki serving as Reference Docs.
Then we got the RefGuide that used to live in Confluence, greatly overlapping with Moin.
The RefGuide migrated to asciidoc hosted on our web page, but Confluence still hosted stale 6.6 guide.

The shutdown of Moin Wiki forced us to act, so was completed, migrating Moin Wiki pages over to a pristine Confluence space. And that's where we are at now. Currently some post-migration cleanup is happing, where folks are fixing broken JavaDoc or RefGuide links that used to point to Moin wiki.

Question now is: HOW do we want to use our Confluence space at ?

Currently i have lifted these pages to the front page: PublicServers, Support, SolrSecurity, SolrPerformanceData, SolrPerformanceFactors, SolrPerformanceProblems.
There are probably more pages from Moin wiki that is useful to keep as user/contributor editable WIKI pages, please suggest.

On the front page I have stated:

> We are still figuring out what to use this Wiki space for. Here are some thing we'll not use it for
> • Solr Reference documentation
> • Solr Developer documentation (We'll create a new Developer Guide in Asciidoc format in git and publish on
> So I guess we can use it for feature development, collaborating on mini projects, roadmaps etc.

So please chime in if you have an idea for how to proceed!

PS: Let's keep this tread about Solr's Confluence only. Feel free to start a similar thread about Lucene's Wiki.

Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
Cominvent AS -

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