Implement a filter to the search results

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Implement a filter to the search results

Hi All,

I have a search form which has an input area for key search and also  three
optional select boxs  *Catagory, Department and Year. *
 My question is how can I filter the results if users select a category or
 a department or a year or a combination of them.

*index *:

IndexWriter indexWriter = *new* IndexWriter(API.*getRootPath*() +
"\\data\\LUCENE", *new* StandardAnalyzer(),true);

Document document = *new* Document();

document.add(Field.*Text*("text", docText));

document.add(Field.*UnIndexed*("department", depart));

document.add(Field.*UnIndexed*("category", courseId));

document.add(Field.*UnIndexed*("year", year));



*search: *

*Searcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(API.getRootPath() + "/data/LUCENE/");
Analyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer();*

* Query query = QueryParser.parse(request.getParameter("query"), "text",
 Hits hits =;*

I do not konw how implement a filter to the results of the search for
catgory or year or department.