Index size issue. Migration from Solr-6.5.1 To Solr-8.6.3

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Index size issue. Migration from Solr-6.5.1 To Solr-8.6.3

Modassar Ather-2

I am in a process of migrating from Solr-6.5.1 To Solr-8.6.3. The current
index size after optimisation is 2.4 TB. We use a 7TB disk for indexing as
the optimization needs extra space.
Now with the newer Solr the un-optimised index itself got created of size
5+TB which after optimisation reduced to 2.4TB. Analysing the index I found
.cfs files of almost 1.9 TB getting created.

<useCompoundFile> is by default false and I have not enabled it but still
the .cfs files are getting created.
During installation of Solr-8.6.3 I was getting ULIMIT related errors
during solr startup which I fixed by increasing it. The Solr is run as a
different user and not as a solr user.

Kindly provide your suggestions on how I can achieve the same size of
un-optimised index as that of  Solr-6.5.1 to save on hard disk cost.