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Indexing/Querying problem

David denBoer
Hi all,

We are getting ready to implement our lucene search tools and want to  
know if the following scenario is even possible :

The application user has a group and a role.
Document has name, author, body, and a list (of groups and roles it  
is visible to), and a list of smart groups (dynamic list of groups  
that can change outside of our app)

We want the user to only see documents for his specific role and group

So if a document had these properties :
  name : foo
  author : bar
  body : blah blah blah
  smartGroups : ( {'FRED','MANAGER'} )
  groupRoles : ( {'SanJose','MANAGER'}, {'LosAngeles','ASST MANAGER'} )

and smartGroup FRED currently has these groups  
and our user is in the MANAGER role for 'Vancouver'

How can I return a search result that would be valid for my user?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


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