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Indexing problem

Falko Guderian

I indexed 20 documents. I want to evaluate my lucene index. That's why I
extract all term with their frequencies in each document.
This code has helped a lot.
    TermEnum terms = indexReader.terms(new Term("content", ""));
    while ("content".equals(terms.term().field()))
        TermDocs termDocs = indexReader.termDocs();;
        // ... collect term.term().text() ...
        int frequency = 0;
        for(int i = 0; i< indexWriter.numDocs(); i++) {
        freqency = termDocs.freq();
        if (!

But there is an anomaly. In the first document(termDocs.doc() = 0) all
term frequencies are greater than 0.
But it isn't correct. The first doc doesn't contain all terms.

Do you now this problem? How can I get the correct term frequencies in
all docs?

Best regards
Falko Guderian

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