Is "Arabic Analyzer for Python" available

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Is "Arabic Analyzer for Python" available

M Chaudhary
Hello all

We are developing a web-based application; which will perform indexing
and searching of Arabic/English text.
Brief about our application is :

1.   It's a web based indexing and searching application.
2.   It should index ad search the Arabic/English text

We are using Apache, Mod_Python, Lucene/Pylucene and DBXML.
PyLucene is best for Indexing using Python. But I think there is no
"Arabic Analyzer" for Python.
Aramorph is a Java based Arabic Analyzer. Can i use "ArabicAnalyzer.jar"
using Python and SWIG(i am not sure) for Arabic text analysis.

We will be using mod_python and python that why i want equivalent to
Aramorph for Python.
I have gone through a documentation of how to convert Java into Python
using "gcj" and "swig" , but i am confused about how to go about.

So please help me and tell me the exact procedure to follow to pull that
jar file in python.

Thank you
M Chaudhary