JMX with ZooKeeper

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JMX with ZooKeeper

Gell-Holleron, Daniel
Hi everyone,

This may not be appropriate for this type of forum but I though I'd check.

I'm trying to setup JMX with ZooKeeper (which is being used with SolrCloud) so I am able to extract information from the MBeans.

I have ZooKeeper installed on a Windows OS (Server 2019). ZooKeeper is running with JDK8.

In the ZkServer.cmd file I have the set ZOOMAIN=org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum.QuorumPeerMain which is all that's needed according to

However when I try to access using jconsole (connect to local process) I cannot see the ZooKeeper MBeans. Any idea on what I could be missing?