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Lucene Query parser term Length

Hello Everyone

I am working with Lucene 4.7.1
When parsing query using Lucene query parser. If query length is greater
than 255 bytes, it returns query with space appended after every 255 bytes.
Which is causing further issues in my project.

Can you please let me know why the term (parsed query contain
Arraylist<Term>) max length is 255 bytes. Why space is appended in between
the query?

I will really appreciate it if some can help me with this. I  am stuck with
this for a very long time.

Do let me know if you have not understood my query.

For reference, please check class which has method

Akanksha Jain
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回复:Lucene Query parser term Length

4.7.1 is old version,why not use latest 8.4.1?

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主 题:Lucene Query parser term Length

Hello Everyone

I am working with Lucene 4.7.1
When parsing query using Lucene query parser. If query length is greater
than 255 bytes, it returns query with space appended after every 255 bytes.
Which is causing further issues in my project.

Can you please let me know why the term (parsed query contain
Arraylist<Term>) max length is 255 bytes. Why space is appended in between
the query?

I will really appreciate it if some can help me with this. I  am stuck with
this for a very long time.

Do let me know if you have not understood my query.

For reference, please check class which has method

Akanksha Jain