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Lucene one to many query

Hi everyone. I am trying to build a lucene query that will work with the
following one-to-many relationship. I’m trying to-do this in lucene 5.5 but
if i can’t then i’ll move towards upgrading the project to a newer version
if necessary.

Say i have two objects like so. One Company that has multiple Items.

*Company* (one)
String name
String address_state
String address_street
Items items

*Items* (many)
Int item_id
String item_name
Int item_price

How would i do a search for Companies in a particular state that have a
particular item name with a price below a certain point? For instance,
search for companies that are in CA with an item named “Phone” that also
have a price below 150?

I only have around 300k companies but have around 5 million items. So id
rather first filter by company if possible.

To anyone out there, thanks.

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