Needs Help for Using Jaeger to Trace Solr

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Needs Help for Using Jaeger to Trace Solr

Yihao Huang

I am new to use Solr and Jaeger and currently I am working on how to use Jaeger to find trace of Solr. I get the problem that Jaeger seems unable to catch trace from Solr.

I am using the Techproducts example data on Solr. I initiate the Solr service by running ./bin/solr start -e cloud. But the Jaeger UI (which I have tested to be effective using the demo application HotROD) does not show anything related to Solr. To solve the problem, I have attempted to:

1. Change the sampling rate by setting /admin/collections?action=CLUSTERPROP&name=samplePercentage&val=100 but nothing changed on the Jaeger UI.

2. Set up tracer configurator in solr.xml under solr/example/cloud/node1/solr and solr/example/cloud/node2/solr as shown in the attached file, but it is reported that "ERROR: Did not see Solr at http://localhost:8983/solr come online within 30"

I am not sure whether the operation I have made is correct. And I also notice that in, it is said that "Note that all library of jaegertracer-configurator must be included in the classpath of all nodes…”. So I also attempt to:
3. Run ./bin/solr start -e cloud -a -classpath org.apache.solr.jaeger.JaegerTracerConfigurator to include the classpath. But Solr reports "ERROR: Unbalanced quotes in "bin/solr" start -cloud -p 8983 -s "example/cloud/node1/solr org.apache.solr.jaeger.JaegerTracerConfigurator" -a "-classpath. I searched online and probably it is an unfixed bug of Solr ( So this also doesn’t work.

Again, as I am new to Solr and Jaeger, I am not sure whether these operations are stupid or not :-(. So I do hope that I can get some help from your team for making Jaeger and Solr work together. I would really appreciate your reply!

Best regards,

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