NullPointerException in FetchedSegments.getSummary()

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NullPointerException in FetchedSegments.getSummary()

John Doe-37
Hi all,

I'm using 0.9 release (works great!). However, while searching with NutchBean, I got a NULLPointerException in FetchedSegments.getSummary() (line 160) when search for certain terms. Digging deeper (added logging and revised the code to get the root cause), I found the call to getSegment() in getSummary() returns null.
printing details.toString() gives the following:


Now, I do have a segment named "20071103011952", but there's no segment named "20071103011952-0". where does the "-0" come from ? The segment was not merged or changed before indexing (it was copied to a different directory after fetching/updating and before indexing though). Did I make a mistake or is it a bug ?



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