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Nutch Adminstration Interface

Stefan Groschupf-2
Hi developers,

some people are already in the process of writing a web based  
administration interface for nutch.
The goal is to get newbies faster and easier started with nutch.
I wrote our plans together so you can get an idea what we are working  

To get things realized a set of smaller changes need to be done in  
back-end, e.g. removing static nutch conf access as already done.
Since patching a patch against the latest sources is a pain we would  
love to contribute already smaller changes so we can always work  
against the latest sources.
Next patch will be improving the api of some tools (like fetcher) so  
it can called from a jsp by passing parameters and a nutch conf  

Our plan is to get a beta version realized until end of February,  
this is a tuff schedule but we do not have more time than that to  
invest in this issue.
So please support us to get this done.