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Nutch - Hadoop (Bad Connection to FS)

Volkan Ebil


I read your mail.


Hi All,

I gone through this and able setting
up the hadoop with nutch.

While running this bin/hadoop namenode -format --> Formatted Succesfully.

then bin/ --> then able start all the master and slaves.

then mkdir urls , echo "" >> urls/seed ---> this is
running fine.

When I execute this bin/hadoop dfs -put urls urls : ---------> It was giving
an error called Bad connection to FS. command aborted

Please help me out from this sceniario.

Regards. Santhosh.Ch


I get the same error  after setting up the nutch and hadoop .

Did u find the reason or any solution to this problem? I would be very happy
if anyone can tell me the problem?

It is required.Thansks for your help.