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[Nutch Wiki] Update of "FrontPage" by MatthewSimoneau

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  == Nutch Administration ==
   * DownloadingNutch
   * HardwareRequirements
+  * NutchTutorial
   * '''[[http://peterpuwang.googlepages.com/NutchGuideForDummies.htm|Tutorial]] -- Latest step by Step Installation guide for dummies: Nutch 0.9.'''
   * [[http://nutch.apache.org/tutorial.html|Tutorial]] -- A Step-by-Step guide to getting Nutch up and running. /!\ 404 Not found
-  * NutchTutorial ''on the wiki''
   * [[Nutch_-_The_Java_Search_Engine]] (Builds on the basic tutorials. Includes index maintenance scripts)
   * [[NutchHadoopTutorial|Nutch Hadoop Tutorial]] - How to setup Nutch and Hadoop over a cluster of machines
   * [[Automating_Fetches_with_Python|Automating Fetches with Python]] - How to automatic the Nutch fetching process using Python