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[Nutch Wiki] Update of "HelpContents" by FuminZHAO

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- ##language:en
- == Help Contents ==
- Here is a tour of the most important help pages:
-  * HelpForBeginners - if you are new to wikis
-  * HelpOnNavigation - explains the navigational elements on a page
-  * HelpOnPageCreation - how to create a new page, and how to use page templates
-  * HelpOnUserPreferences - how to make yourself known to the wiki, and adapt default behaviour to your taste
-  * HelpOnEditing - how to edit a page
-  * HelpOnActions - tools that work on pages or the whole site
-  * HelpMiscellaneous - more details, and a FAQ section
- These pages contain information only important to wiki administrators and developers:
-  * HelpOnAdministration - how to maintain a MoinMoin wiki
-  * HelpOnInstalling - how to install a MoinMoin wiki
-  * HelpForDevelopers - how to add your own features by changing the MoinMoin code
- An automatically generated index of all help pages is on HelpIndex. See also HelpMiscellaneous/FrequentlyAskedQuestions for answers to frequently asked questions.
- If you find any errors on the help pages, describe them on MoinMoin:HelpErrata.
- ''[Please do not add redundant information on these pages (which has to be maintained at two places then), and follow the established structure of help pages. Also note that the master set of help pages is not public, that this very page you read and all other help pages may be overwritten when the wiki software is updated. So if you have major contributions that should not get lost, send an extra notification notice to the MoinMoin user mailing list.]''