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Out of Memory (correction)

Stanislav Jordanov
A small correction to my last letter: "1000gigs" should be "1000 megs"
Here's the corrected version:

High guys,
Building some huge index (about 500,000 docs totaling to 10megs of plain
text) we've run into the following problem:
Most of the time the IndexWriter process consumes a fairly small amount
of memory (about 32 megs).
However, as the index size grows, the memory usage sporadically bursts
to levels of (say) 1000 megs and then falls back to its level.
The problem is that unless te process is started with some option like
-Xmx1000m this situation causes an OutOfMemoryException which terminates
the indexing process.

My question is - is there a way to avoid it?


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