PLEASE READ if you build the Ref Guide HTML locally

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PLEASE READ if you build the Ref Guide HTML locally

Cassandra Targett-2
If you build the Ref Guide HTML files on your local machine, please note the following changes to the build.

To build the Ref Guide HTML version locally, you must have several Ruby gems installed as pre-requisites. I've just committed changes that require newer versions of these gems.

You can update your existing gems with the "gem update" command:

gem update asciidoctor
gem update jekyll-asciidoc
gem update slim
gem update tilt

And a new dependency needs to be added:

gem install concurrent-ruby

* The version of Jekyll has not changed so that gem does not need to be updated.

The versions we're now using are documented in the Ref Guide README:

See also for details of these changes.

As soon as we move to Gradle, you won't need any gems locally. The PDF build downloads a .jar, so while it is also updated no local changes are needed (and it's going away soon anyway).

Let me know if you have trouble with the new versions -