Potential memory leak on ReplicationHandler

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Potential memory leak on ReplicationHandler

Anver Sotnikov

I seem to experience a memory leak on my Solr Cloud cluster with 3 TLOG machines.
Followers in this configuration get ReplicationHandlers reloaded - old ReplicationHandler would be shut down and new one created and registered.
As part of registration ReplicationHandler is added to SolrCore closeHooks.
Old ReplicationHandler gets shut down BUT it is not removed from SolrCore closeHooks.
Overtime with core reloads happening we collect a lot of ReplicationHandlers (~100) in SolrCore.closeHooks.

Some code references 

This code above calls ReplicationHandler.inform
which registers handler in closeHooks of SolrCore

does not remove ReplicationHandler from closeHooks

Thank you.
PS: Instructions to create an issue in Apache JIRA suggest I should check the distribution list first for validation :)