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Problems Indexing

Amitabha Banerjee
I am a new user of nutch. I tried to set up everything following the
official documentation.
I observe that URL's within the main domain which are linked from the main
page do not get indexed. For example, my start url is . It seems that and
http://blogs.knowmydestination.comappear in the search results but a
link such as does not
appear in the search results.

My crawl filter file looks like the following. All the other files are

[amitabha@thumper conf]$ cat crawl-urlfilter.txt
# The url filter file used by the crawl command.

# Better for intranet crawling.
# Be sure to change MY.DOMAIN.NAME to your domain name.

# Each non-comment, non-blank line contains a regular expression
# prefixed by '+' or '-'.  The first matching pattern in the file
# determines whether a URL is included or ignored.  If no pattern
# matches, the URL is ignored.

# skip file:, ftp:, & mailto: urls

# skip image and other suffixes we can't yet parse

# skip URLs containing certain characters as probable queries, etc.

# skip URLs with slash-delimited segment that repeats 3+ times, to break

# accept hosts in MY.DOMAIN.NAME

# skip everything else

I have tried changing the accept hosts line to:

but that did not help.

Any suggestions?