Problems with managed schema

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Problems with managed schema

Doug Ford
Hello -

I have set up a Solr 5.1 engine that is able to retrieve data from a MS SQL database.

But when I run the data import process it comes back as:

Requests: 1 (1/s), Fetched: 1,113 (1,113/s), Skipped: 0, Processed: 0 (0/s)

The Fetched is correct, but the Processed is a problem.

I am using the managed-schema process.

My db-data-config file is simply:

    <dataSource driver=""
               name="newtest" />
    <document name="faculty">
        <entity name="faculty" pk="record" dataSource="newtest"
        query = "
               select record, firstname, lastname, facultyID
               from faculty">

        <field column="record" name="record" />
        <field column="firstname" name="firstname" />
        <field column="lastname" name="lastname" />
        <field column="facultyID" name="facultyID" />

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.