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Matthew Hall-7
This is more of a trying to understand the design sort of question, but
its still something I need to able to succinctly express to my project

I know that lucene is by design not allowing us to see which fields were
hit for a given document in an easy manner.  Instead it presents us with
a collection of hits, with each hit having the total score for the
document, given all of the fields that you have searched on, with that
total score being the score for the matches for each field combined via
the scoring algorithm.

The question I'm being asked is why is the information about how each
field matched not easily accessable in lucene?

I know I can go ahead and do a searcher.explain on my hit object, and
then ... parse out the individual fields with their scores, but couldn't
this be much more easily accessable from the hits object itself?

The hits object already has a get method that allows you to pass a
String value for a string name to the object, couldn't another method be
added such as getScoreByField(String s) that had access to the
information that was used to build the total score of the document?

I'm sure part of the reason that this wasn't included were performance
based, I mean it would be a fair amount of extra information for the
average search to have to carry around, but for my application, and many
others I'm sure, its a very important thing to be able to find out WHY a
document was returned.  If for nothing less than for display purposes.

Anyhow, any insight as to why things are the way they are would be most
appreciated, or if someone else has faced the same problems as I, and
have went ahead and modified the hits object to include such things (and
this is no small task) I'd love to hear about it.


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