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Question about Payloads

Dallas Fraser

I am using Lucene 6.4.2 and I am trying to use payloads in a
CustomScoreQuery which stores additional information about the term.
However everytime postinEnum.getPayLoad returns null even though
LeafReader.getFieldInfos().hasPayloads() is true. I am making sure to call
nextPosition  on the PostingEnum as well. It is using
Lucne50PostingReader.EverythingEnum as the codec which from my
understanding should return a payload as long as payLoadLength != 0. I am
not sure what I am doing wrong. I pretty much compied
DelimitedPayloadTokenFilter for my filter on the payload but it is used two
character delimiter.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Dallas Fraser
Program: University of Waterloo - MMatth
Student Number : 20652186
Year: 2