[RELEASE PLAN] Hadoop 1.2.1 stabilization RC on about 6/7

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[RELEASE PLAN] Hadoop 1.2.1 stabilization RC on about 6/7

Matt Foley-2
Next weekend, starting the evening of Friday 7 June, a week from tomorrow,
I plan to cut a hadoop-1.2.1-rc0 from the branch-1.2 branch.

This is intended to be a stabilization release of 1.2.  I request that
major new back-ports, or any change with significant risk, be put in
branch-1 for the future 1.3.0 release, instead.  Bug fixes and low-risk,
high-priority back-ports are welcome in branch-1.2.

If you intend to make submissions or commits to branch-1.2, please make
sure you set the "Target Version" in the Jira ticket to "1.2.1".

BTW, I will do a 1.3.0 release candidate fairly soon after 1.2.1, but I'll
publish the release plan for that after 1.2.1-rc0 is done.

release manager