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Re: Fwd: [VOTE] New TIKA 0.2 Release Candidate 1

: Given the time it would take to fix, I would be inclined to fix it and then
: create a new RC - that is as long as people have the time to check the new
: RC.

Better to be quality release then a fast release.  That said: If you put
up another RC in the next 5 hours i'll review it tonight, or i can review
it sunday night.  I'm happy to review simple, clean, releases and these
have been nice and simple and clean.

One other minor nit as long as you're planning to cut another release:
since target/site/gettingstarted.html is back in existence, it *might*
make a better start link to provide from the "Documentation" section of
the README.txt then documentation.html ... but that's somewhat subjective.