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Otis Gospodnetic-2
Interesting, sounds a bit like Solr.  Not quite the same (e.g. no mentions of caches, warmed up caches and FieldCaches, no replication, etc., but nice handling of stop-words, LDAP hook...), but similar.


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On Oct 13, 2006, at 4:36 PM, Serhiy Polyakov wrote:
> I want to access Lucene index with SRW Web Service and the SRU. I know
> that Online Computer Library Center has one implementation:
> But it is kind of limited to DSpace digital repository system (I will
> check more about that).
> Could you please advise about other implementations if any?

The Extensible Text Framework [1] from the California Digital Library  
is a wrapper around Lucene and provides (among other things) a SRU  
Servlet [2].



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