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Christine Poerschke (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON)
The issue of "timeouts values from many places" resonates with me too. And <shardHandlerFactory> being configurable from solr.xml and per request handler particularly springs to mind.


From: [hidden email] At: 05/05/19 18:35:51
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Socket Timeouts

I'm working with a client that's trying to process a lot of data (billions of docs) via a streaming expression, and the initial query is (not surprisingly) taking a long time. Lots of various types of timeouts have been cropping up and I've found myself thinking I solved some only to discover that the settings in solr.xml are far less wide reaching than I thought initially. The present 5% scale cluster seems to hit one particular time out about 50% of the time which has made it particularly confusing. I'm guessing it's probably depending on something like how busy the virtualization in Amazon is, just barely making it when it gets more resources and timing out if anything is starved. 

As I look around the code base I'm finding a LOT of places where timeouts on SolrClients and CloudSolrClients are just arbitrarily set to one-off constant values. The one bugging me right now is 

public abstract class SolrClientBuilder<B extends SolrClientBuilder<B>> {

  protected HttpClient httpClient;
  protected ResponseParser responseParser;
  protected Integer connectionTimeoutMillis = 15000;
  protected Integer socketTimeoutMillis = 120000;

Which I am unable to change because of this code in SolrStream:

  * Opens the stream to a single Solr instance.
  public void open() throws IOException {
    if(cache == null) {
      client = new HttpSolrClient.Builder(baseUrl).build();
    } else {
      client = cache.getHttpSolrClient(baseUrl);

I need to make this particular case configurable, so that I can get results from a very long running query, but I sense that there is a much wider problem in that we don't seem to have any organized plan for how socket timeouts are set/managed in the code.

What thoughts have people had on this front?