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Your query seems simple enough that this may not be your issue, but just mentioning it:

Your collection has 1 shard. Depending on how the query is sent, queries to 1 shard collections can sometimes get interpreted as a "distributed query" and sometimes as a "non-distributed query". These have different code paths that should *in theory* give identical results. When we made some code extensions to Solr in our private plugins, we decided not to support both code paths and so instead we use shortCircuit=false (we sent this in the config of our <requestHandler>) to force use of the distributed query code path. (We want our change to work for both our 60 shard collection and our 1 shard collection.) This gives us more consistent results from different ways of invoking the search.

But, again, your query seems too simple for this to be the cause -- why would the distributed vs non-distributed return different results for this??

From: [hidden email] At: 09/19/19 06:20:30To:  [hidden email]
Subject: Solr query fetching different results

Hi all,

There is something "strange' happening in our Solr cluster. If I execute a
query from the server, via solarium client, I get one result. If I execute
the same or similar query from admin Panel, I get another result. If I go
to Admin Panel  - Collections - Select Collection and click "Reload", and
then repeat the query, the result I get is consistent with  the one I get
from the server via solarium client. So I picked the query that is getting
executed, from Solr logs. Evidently, the query was going to different nodes.

Query that went from Admin Panel, went to node 4 and fetched 0 documents
2019-09-19 05:02:04.549 INFO  (qtp434091818-205178)
[c:paymetryproducts s:shard1 r:*core_node4*
x:paymetryproducts_shard1_replica_n2] o.a.s.c.S.Request
[paymetryproducts_shard1_replica_n2]  webapp=/solr path=/select
params={q=category_id:5a0aeaeea6bc7239cc21ee39&_=1568868718031} *hits=0*
status=0 QTime=0

Query that went from solarium client running on a server, went to node 3
and fetched 4 documents

2019-09-19 05:06:41.511 INFO  (qtp434091818-17)
[c:paymetryproducts s:shard1 r:*core_node3*
x:paymetryproducts_shard1_replica_n1] o.a.s.c.S.Request
[paymetryproducts_shard1_replica_n1]  webapp=/solr path=/select
*hits=4* status=0 QTime=104

What could be causing this strange behaviour? How can I fix this?
SOlr Version - 7.3
Shard count: 1
replicationFactor: 2
maxShardsPerNode: 1