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Garrett Rooney
Feng (Michael) Ji wrote:
> hi,
> How can I start to work on lucene4c project and do my
> contribution? I guess I have to contact program
> manager firstly.
>>From /jira/browse/LCN4C, I saw several on-going
> projects, but can't figure out how to involve in.

Well, to start off, you should be sending questions to
[hidden email], not c-dev-faq or c-dev-owner ;-)

This is an open source project, all development discussion takes place
on the mailing list.  I've CCed the list with this reply, please keep
replies on the list so others can participate in the conversation.

The issues currently in Jira are rather out of date, as is the web page.
  Since those were entered we've transitioned from a full C
implementation to a C/C++ wrapper over a GCJ compiled version of Java

One thing you could do is get yourself up and running with the new
version (available in the trunk of the subversion repository) and
document the steps you had to take to make it work.  This would be
valuable information to add to the web page.  Additionally, the unit
tests are all quite out of date, and need to be updated to work with the
new GCJ based version of Lucene4c.  That would be another good place to