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Re: bin/solr testing surprise with techproducts example

Christine Poerschke (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON)
Opened w.r.t. the help file update and with a question re: 'assemble' vs. 'dev' directory detail.

From: [hidden email] At: 09/28/20 19:08:15
To: [hidden email], [hidden email]
Subject: Re: bin/solr testing surprise with techproducts example

: Question: What is the replacement for "cd solr ; ant dist server" usage?

AFAICT the the most straightwoard "adaptation" of...

$ cd solr && ant server && bin/solr -e SOMETHING

...seems to be (using gdub) ...

$ cd solr && gw dev && ./packaging/build/dev/bin/solr -e SOMETHING

...which i think using straight gradlew would be...

$ ./gradlew -p solr dev && solr/packaging/build/dev/bin/solr -e SOMETHING

...and i'm all in favor of adding that to to one of the help files if i'm
not hte only one that finds that patten incredibly common when trying to
do little mini tests.

: Observation: "cd solr ; bin/solr start -e techproducts" on master branch
: (but not branch_8x) gives me an error. Is this a known issue already or
: if not could someone try to reproduce the issue before a JIRA ticket is
: opened?
: ERROR: Error CREATEing SolrCore 'techproducts': Unable to create core
: [techproducts] Caused by: [schema.xml] analyzer/tokenizer: missing
: mandatory attribute 'class'

FWIW, that has bitten me several times, and IIUC it's because i'm
switching back and forth from 8x to master w/o doing full "git clean", and
when the muscle memory types "bin/solr" instead of
"packaging/build/dev/bin/solr" it's running old 8x compiled/build solr
against the master example configs.


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