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Reader and Writer at the same DB

Jakob Heidebrecht
Can I open a writer and reader to one db at the same time?
I open an NFS on the DB.
To this NFS I open a writer and a reader.
When I delete something from the db and close the writer, the changes are
writen to the db, but I get a error when I then try to close the reader:

Exception in thread "main" Given target not held as
at org.apache.nutch.fs.LocalFileSystem.release(
at org.apache.nutch.db.WebDBReader.close(

When I make a NFS-object and a File-object for the writer and an other NFS
and File-object for the reader, I get the same error.

Can I avoid this, or is it ok to close only the writer and not to close the


Jakob Heidebrecht

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