Recovery failed in SOLR cloud - SOLR 6

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Recovery failed in SOLR cloud - SOLR 6

Hi All,

We have an issue in production, where we have the SOLR cloud with 3 nodes
and in that on one of the node is failing with the below error:-

index fetcher

error recovery failed 1 of 500 attempts

no content received for file :tlog.000000000105987.1552

We have cdcr logging enabled, and have just the below configuration for
<requestHandler name="/cdcr" class="solr.CdcrRequestHandler">
         <lst name="buffer">
         <str name="defaultState">disabled</str>

Can you please help with this and let me know if the buffering is disabled,
will it cause the replicas in the same cluster to error out with the above
errors? Because by default if the cdcr is not configured, the buffering is
disabled and the transaction logs will be deleted normally by the system.

Thanks & Regards,
Bharath MV Kumar

"Life is short, enjoy every moment of it"