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Screencasts on the tutorial page?

Chris Hostetter-3

So, back when we started redoing the website to eliminate forrest, and
discussing the "versioned" versions of the tutorial page (SOLR-3210 -
because eventually it will be important to link to both the 3.6 and 4.0
versions on the site) I had this great idea that we could embed YouTube
video clips walking through the tutorial on the main tutorial landing

  Seems like a no brainer cool content idea right?

So now that 3.6 is official, i spent ~1 hour rehersing, and then ~30
minutes recording some video.  I flubbed a bunch, so in order to salvage
anything from this it would have be cropped and edited (and might work
better as many little clips instead of one long clip) but even if we
did that, i'm worried that it still wouldn't be useful to post on the

   1) i feel like it's really dry, and bland
   2) the tutorial is already *REALLY* straight forward
   3) there's really nothing in this that the user couldn't see on their
      own machine doing a cut/paste of a command or URL.

So anyway, i tossed the raw footage (338MB) online...

a) does anyone think this is worth trying to edit down?
b) does anyone with better video editing skills then me (ie: none) want
    to take a crack at editing it?
c) does anyone with a less boring voice then me wnat to take a crack at a
    whole new run through?


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