Shard got down in Solr 6.1.0

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Shard got down in Solr 6.1.0

vishal patel-2
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We have 2 shards and 2 replicas with 7 zookeepers in our live environment. unexpectedly shard got down. From logs, we can not identify why shard got down. I have attached the GC and solr log.

My solr.xml data


    <str name="host">${host:localhost}</str>
    <int name="hostPort">${jetty.port:8983}</int>
    <str name="hostContext">${hostContext:solr}</str>

    <bool name="genericCoreNodeNames">${genericCoreNodeNames:true}</bool>

    <int name="zkClientTimeout">${zkClientTimeout:600000}</int>
    <int name="distribUpdateSoTimeout">${distribUpdateSoTimeout:600000}</int>
    <int name="distribUpdateConnTimeout">${distribUpdateConnTimeout:60000}</int>
    <str name="zkCredentialsProvider">${}</str>
    <str name="zkACLProvider">${}</str>


  <shardHandlerFactory name="shardHandlerFactory"
    <int name="socketTimeout">${socketTimeout:600000}</int>
    <int name="connTimeout">${connTimeout:60000}</int>

My zoo.cfg data

Can you suggest me how can we find out this issue?

shard_log.txt (36K) Download Attachment