Solr ZK Status Page fails when using SSL feature of ZooKeeper

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Solr ZK Status Page fails when using SSL feature of ZooKeeper

Ryan Rockenbaugh
I was going to file a bug in JIRA for this, but it said to discuss first on the user mailing list:
I upgraded to Solr 8.2.0 and Zookeeper 3.5.5.  I added all the System properties and the missing "netty-all-4.1.29.Final.jar" file from zookeeper and put it in the classpath for solr.  Encrypted Zookeeper client from Solr to Zookeeper works. 

The problem is on the Solr ZK Status Page, which opens a unencrypted socket to Zookeeper, and then gets an empty response.
Here's my brief description for the bug:
On the Admin UI, ZK Status page reports an error when Zookeeper is using SSL for client connections. 

The error is:  Empty response from Zookeeper at x.x.x.x:2281
If you look at the org.apache.solr.handler.admin.ZookeeperStatusHandler class, it uses the method getZkRawResponse which opens a socket and sends unencrypted four letter commands.
Ryan Rockenbaugh

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