Solr indexing HTML metatags from Nutch

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Solr indexing HTML metatags from Nutch

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I am using Nutch 1.4 with Solr 3.6.0 and would like to get the HTML keywords and description metatags indexed into Solr. On the Nutch side I have followed the to get nutch parsing the extracting the metatags (using index-metatags and parse-metatags plugins) but now when I run the solrindex they simply don't get indexed. 

In Solr I am using the schema.xml provided by Nutch and have added the following fields for the metatags:
        <!-- fields for the metatags plugin -->
        <field name="metatag.description" type="text" stored="true" indexed="true"/>
        <field name="metatag.keywords" type="text" stored="true" indexed="true"/>

and have created a solrindex-mapping.xml file as follow:

<field dest="description" source="metatag.description"/>
<field dest="keywords" source="metatag.keywords"/>

the rest is pretty much a default install of Solr. So now my question is why can't I see the metatags indexed in solr? Did I forget maybe to configure something in Solr?

Any suggestions are welcome.