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Raghav Kapoor
Hi All:
I am new to Solr and I am facing a question if solr would can be helpful in a project that I'm working on.
The project is a client/server app that requires a client app to index the documents and send the results in rdf to server. The client needs to be smart enough to know when a new document has been added to a specified folder, index it and send the results in rdf/xml to the server. The server will be a web service which will parse the xml and store the metadata in the a database. The search will be conducted on the server and will return the results from the database which will be links to the documents on the client. The client , which is also running a webserver will take the request when the user clicks on the link to the document residing on the client.
I believe lucene will be useful in this scenario and solr can be used as a web app.
I would like to get any input on this architecture and would request any pointers if there is any app already doing something similar and how lucene/solr can be useful in this case.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards

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