SolrJ "commit" problem

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SolrJ "commit" problem

Sergey Polzunov-2

I've got a problem with solrj from nightly build (from 2007-11-12).
I have this code:
        solrClient = new CommonsHttpSolrServer(new URL(indexServerUrl));
and after "add" operation firing solrClient.commit(true, true); But commit
operation is not processing in Solr as I can see in log files
 (but I can see in debug mode that status 200 is returning after executing
getHttpConnection().executeMethod(method); in SolrJ client class file)

Command from console actually do the trick
[user@server ~]$ curl http://traut-base:8888/-solr-network/update -H
"Content-Type: text/xml" --data-binary '<commit/>'

I must say that I'm trying to use SolrJ client from nightly build with Solr
server release 1.2. Most likely it is actually the root of the problem

so, can I use Solr release 1.2 with nightly-build SolrJ client? Are there
any problems? What can you cay about my "commit" problem?

Thank you in advance

Best regards,