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Petersen, Robert (Contr)
Hi Guys,

I was playing with payloads example as I had a possible use case of alternate product titles for a product.

bin/solr start
bin/solr create -c payloads
bin/post -c payloads -type text/csv -out yes -d $'id,vals_dpf\n1,one|1.0 two|2.0 three|3.0\n2,weig...

I saw you could do this:


So I wanted to do something similar wiht strings and so I loaded solr with

./post -c payloads -type text/csv -out yes -d $'id,vals_dps\n1,one|thisisastring two|"this is a string" three|hi\n2,j



OK so here is my question, it seems like the payload function only works against numeric payloads. Further I can't see a way to get the payload to come out alone without the field value attached. What I would like is something like this, is this possible in any way? I know it would be easy enough to do some post query processing in a service layer but... just wondering about this. It seems like I should be able to get at the payload when it is a string.

http://localhost:8983/solr/payloads/query?q=vals_dps:json&fl=id,p:payloadvalue(vals_dpf, json)





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